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Unlocking Brilliance: Soaring with Dragonfly’s Latest Features and Developer Insights!

It’s week 2 at the helm of the Community and the digital realm is buzzing with excitement as we introduce you to the extraordinary world of Dragonfly. I’m still finding my wings and getting up to speed but wanted to share with you what’s happening this week!

In this weeks office hours we talk about new latest feature; Search, which helps you easily find what you need within your database, making queries faster and more efficient. Say hello to streamlined performance! Did you also know that Dragonfly is Open Source! Your code could be the next big thing! 🌐🚀

Your Voice Matters: First-Ever Survey

Dragonfly isn’t just about lines of code; it’s about the people behind it. We want to hear from YOU! Take part in our first-ever survey, share your thoughts, and help tailor Dragonfly to fit your needs like a glove. Your input matters, and together, we’ll make even more awesome! 🗣️📊

Engaging Office Hours: Your Virtual Doors Are Open

Ready for more interaction? Join the team on Wednesday 13th December at our last office hours for the year.  Whether you’ve got questions, ideas, or just want to chat with fellow Dragonfly enthusiasts, our virtual doors are wide open. Let’s make this week’s office hours the most engaging and insightful yet! 🕰️💬

Spread Your Wings: Join the Dragonfly Revolution!

Dragonfly Developers, it’s time to spread your wings and soar with Dragonfly. Let’s code, collaborate, and create something extraordinary together! 🚀

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